Aluminum Dryer Exhaust Close Elbow

Aluminum Dryer Exhaust Close Elbow

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The Kenmore Aluminum Dryer Exhaust Close Elbow:


The Little Fix that Could Make a Big Difference The Kenmore Dryer Exhaust Elbow will redirect your dryer’s ducting, especially if you're working with a tight angle or you need to connect to an outside vent. If your dryer isn't venting properly it won't dry your clothes very well, which means you may not need a new dryer, you may just need a new elbow.


The Kenmore Aluminum Dryer Exhaust Close Elbow is able to turn 90 degrees within 4.5 inches, giving you plenty of space. In addition, you’re getting 4-inch diameter fittings and rotating snap-lock fittings so you can get your dryer working fast. 

The Kenmore Aluminum Dryer Exhaust Close Elbow keeps your dryer running at its finest

Includes one male and one female rotating snap-lock fitting

Turns 90 degrees within 4.5 inches

Four-inch diameter fittings

Made from aluminum


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